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What Are Some Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

During the winter months in Oklahoma, the cold temperatures cause many motorcycle riders to stay off of their bikes. But, some motorcycle enthusiasts are likely itching for any kind of break in the weather so that they can get back out on the roads. In the meantime, all riders can use the break from riding to prepare for a safe upcoming riding season.

When thinking about motorcycle safety, it is important to understand some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Association, about one out of four motorcycle accidents result from objects on or near the road and poor road conditions. For example, potholes, dead animals in the road and wet roads fall into this category.

Another common cause of motorcycle crashes is other motor vehicles making left-turns into the path of the motorcyclist. These accidents usually happen at intersections and the NHTSA data shows that this type of accident causes more than 40 percent of motorcycle fatalities.

Because motorcycles offer little protection for people, riders are more likely to suffer severe injuries or even death than are people in cars and trucks. When a motorcyclist suffers broken bones, head injury or any other trauma due to a negligent driver, they can pursue legal claims against the driver.

Riding is dangerous enough as it is without the added problems of drivers failing to notice them or making left turns into their path of travel. Both motorcyclists and drivers in other vehicles should be aware of these common causes of accidents so that they can try to prevent them. No matter the kind of vehicle that person is driving or riding, safety should always be their first priority.

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