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If you were involved in an auto accident and believed someone else was at fault, turn to the trusted personal injury lawyers at Martin, Jean & Jackson. Over the years, any Oklahoma City car accident lawyer from our firm has helped tens of thousands of injured individuals navigate the personal injury system, seeking justice and fair compensation for those affected by the negligence of others. When another motorist acts carelessly, recklessly, or wrongfully, you shouldn’t have to deal with the immense, life-altering consequences on your own. Instead, allow our car accident attorneys to fight for you and your rightful recovery.

Call (405) 221-9699 or complete our online contact form today to schedule a free consultation with an accident attorneys in Oklahoma City.

Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle

Do you have to spend all of your free time looking for a law firm that has the talents and experience needed to work on your car accident case? Now that you have found Martin, Jean & Jackson in Oklahoma City, you don’t! We are proud to be a legal team with an eclectic background and skillset, so you can trust us with virtually any Oklahoma City personal injury case.

Call our Oklahoma City firm if you were in a crash involving:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Road rage
  • Fatigued driving
  • And more

You can also depend on our car accident attorneys regardless of how many parties were involved in your accident. We have the resources required to work on complicated multivehicle accident claims, such as if you were in a pileup on the highway. But we can also see about helping if you were in a single-vehicle accident that was caused by a road or auto part defect.

What Are the Most Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents?

Were you severely injured in a car accident that was not your fault? Is your life going to never quite be the same because of your injury? It is important that you work with a legal team that understands the extent and severity of your injury, so you can trust that they will be able to handle your auto accident case appropriately.

Do not hesitate to let an accident attorney in Oklahoma thoroughly examine your case, develop a strong and personalized case strategy, and help you maximize your entitled compensation.

We have helped car accident clients in Oklahoma City seek damages related to these injuries and more:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Neck injuries and whiplash
  • Back injuries and paralysis
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Scarring and lacerations
  • Amputations

Contact us today at (405) 221-9699 to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Our accident attorneys in Oklahoma offer contingency fees, meaning you owe nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

    We Can Help You Seek the Maximum Compensation You Are Owed

    After a car accident, you may find yourself facing a number of new, unexpected challenges. Depending on the nature and severity of your injuries, you could need emergency medical care and/or ongoing treatment.

    You may find yourself unable to work for weeks or even months as you heal. If your injuries are disabling, they may even prevent you from returning to work at full capacity (or at all) indefinitely. And, of course, suffering through such an ordeal can leave lasting emotional scars and significant trauma.

    What Damages Are Available in an Oklahoma City Car Accident Claim?

    At Martin, Jean & Jackson, we can assist you in seeking maximum compensation for all of your damages, including but not limited to:

    • The cost of all medical treatment related to the accident, such as:
      • Emergency transportation/care
      • Ongoing medical treatment
      • Physical rehabilitative therapy
      • Medications/pain management
      • Medical equipment (wheelchairs, prosthetics, etc.)
      • Lost income associated with the accident, including:
        • Lost wages from time taken off work to heal/seek treatment
        • Lost future earnings if you are unable to return to work
        • Reduced earning capacity if your injuries are partially or totally disabling
        • Lost benefits, including future benefits
      • Property damage, including the cost of vehicle repairs
      • Modifications to your home to accommodate your injuries/treatment
      • The cost of treatment for mental/emotional conditions associated with the accident
      • Non-economic damages, meaning those without a definable price tag, such as:
        • Pain and suffering
        • Emotional distress
        • Trauma
        • Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions

    Steps We Take to Handle Your Car Accident Claim

    When you choose our Oklahoma City car accident attorneys to represent you, we take our responsibilities as your legal guides seriously. We know that you are depending on us to all we can to manage your claim correctly, which is why we always proceed with care and deliberateness.

    Steps that we can take to progress your case include:

    • Medical reports: Working with your medical provers to ensure you have gotten the right treatments for your injuries. We can also collect medical reports to better understand those injuries and how they were caused by your car accident.
    • Evidence review: Please allow us to see any evidence you collected at the scene of your crash so that we might review it. Our attorneys can return to the accident scene for additional evidence collection if needed.
    • Eyewitness interviews: People who witnessed your crash could have the best information about what happened. Allow us to interview them for you.
    • Damage calculations: Once we have a good understanding of your crash and the injuries you suffered, we can accurately calculate your economic and noneconomic damages that the liable party should provide you.
    • Filing the claim: After all investigations and calculations are completed, it will be time to create your claim and file it.
    • Respond to inquiries: The opposition will certainly ask you for more information about your claim, or they might even reject it outright. Part of our job as your lawyers will be to respond to their inquiries and challenges.
    • Negotiation: Settlement negotiations with auto insurance companies can be difficult and frustrating. Leave them up to us so you don’t need to worry.
    • Litigation: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, then it will be time to move to litigation. Our car accident attorneys can prepare your case for trial and represent you before the court.

    At Martin, Jean & Jackson, we understand the full, true impact a car accident can have on your life, and we are prepared to fight for the full, fair compensation you are owed.

    Who Is Liable for Your Car Accident?

    Oklahoma is what is known as an “at-fault state.” This means that, after a car accident, the person who caused the accident can be held legally liable for any injuries, losses, or damages they cause.

    This is true even when multiple parties share some portion of the blame; under Oklahoma’s modified comparative negligence rule, a person who is injured in an auto accident can still recover damages even if they were partially at fault, as long as they are found to be less at-fault than the other motorist. In such cases, the injured individual’s total recovery will be reduced by the same percentage of blame they are found to have.

    For example, if you were hit by someone who was texting and driving, causing them to run a red light, but you were speeding at the time of the accident, the jury may decide that you are 30 percent at fault for the accident.

    If your total damages—that is, the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic losses—amounts to $10,000, you will only be able to recover the total amount minus 30 percent, or $7,000.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more; call (405) 221-9699 or contact our Oklahoma City accident attorneys for a free case evaluation.

    • Toxic Torts $8,200,000
    • Insurance Bad Faith $7,000,000
    • Motorcycle Accident/Wrongful Death $6,000,000
    • Professional Negligence $6,000,000
    • Wrongful Death $6,000,000
    • Professional Negligence $5,000,000
    • Professional Negligence $5,000,000
    • Professional Negligence $3,000,000
    • Professional Negligence $3,000,000
    • Product Liability $3,000,000

    Choose a Team With Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

    Navigating the personal injury system takes a certain degree of experience and skill. Your Oklahoma City car accident attorney should understand the process and how to negotiate aggressively with insurance companies.

    It is also important that you work with a lawyer who has experience taking cases to trial; while the majority of car accident claims are settled, sometimes, it is necessary to pursue litigation in order to ensure that you receive all of the damages to which you are entitled. When this is the case, you need an attorney who knows how to represent your best interests before a judge and/or jury.

    At Martin, Jean & Jackson, we have over a century of combined legal experience and have recovered more than $500 million on behalf of our clients. We are prepared to put our extensive experience and aggressive reputation on your side, while also providing you with the personalized attention and legal guidance you need and deserve.

    “Martin Jean & Jackson Law Firm has the highest integrity when dealing with clients.”

    - John A.

    What Makes Us Different

    • Free Consultations in English & Spanish
    • More Than Half a Billion Dollars Recovered
    • Over 15,000 Injured Clients Represented
    • Over 100 Years of Combined Experience
    • Individually Tailored Legal Services

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