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What Equipment Is Required On A Motorcycle In Oklahoma?

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Riding a motorcycle has its inherent dangers, and most experienced motorcyclists can appreciate these dangers. At the same time, riders can take steps to minimize the dangers of riding. Following all traffic laws is one key to safe riding. Furthermore, riders should also make sure their bikes have proper equipment.

Having certain equipment on a motorcycle is not only important for safety, but it is also required under Oklahoma law. So what exactly are the motorcycle equipment requirements in Oklahoma?

For starters,

  • Every motorcycle must have at least one headlamp that gives off white light.
  • Plus at least one tail lamp that gives off a red light visible from at least one thousand feet away.
  • A stop lamp must also be mounted on the rear of the bike, and it must be a reddish color that is visible from at least five hundred feet in normal sunlight.
  • In addition to those lights, a motorcycle needs to have at least one reflector that is visible from a distance of between one and six hundred feet.

To comply with Oklahoma law, motorcycles must also have:

  • adequate braking systems,
  • as well as two rearview mirrors,
  • a windshield,
  • a functional speedometer,
  • fenders over each wheel,
  • a horn,
  • and a muffler.

Additionally, drivers should wear protective eyewear and riders under 18 must wear a helmet at all times.

Of course, motorcycles that fully comply with the law and have even the best possible equipment won't protect a rider against a negligent driver in a larger vehicle. Motorcycle collisions involving other motor vehicles can easily result in catastrophic injuries to the rider. When a person suffers motorcycle accident injuries due to the negligence of another driver, the injured victim should understand their legal options under Oklahoma law.

Motorcycle rider wearing gloves and a jacket.

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