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Serious injuries and death are often the result of even the most minor accident when a train carrying tons of cargo while traveling at high rates of speed derails or collides with a car or truck. Injured victims and grieving family members need immediate medical care. After recovering from the initial shock, victims should take the right steps to ensure their legal rights are protected.

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Train accident claims are complex and require an attorney committed to a higher level of legal representation. Martin Jean & Jackson is Oklahoma's premier personal injury firm for a reason. Our team of lawyers combines 100 years of experience and we have recovered over 500 million dollars for over 15,000 personal injury clients. We have a track record of success in maximizing compensation for Oklahoma residents when negligence takes the form of:

  • Unmarked railway crossings
  • Poorly maintained tracks
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Operator inexperience
  • Operation of a train under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Operation of a train while driver is fatigued

When railroad companies and their employees fall short of basic safety standards in track maintenance and fail to ensure lines of site, life-changing accidents occur. Trains require more time and distance to stop. The slightest defect or obstruction could lead to catastrophe.

Long-term medical treatment, staggering doctor bills, lost wages and, in some cases, burial expenses combine with the physical pain and emotional grief following train accidents. Our job is to pursue justice in the form of maximum compensation.

Types of Train Accident Cases Our Lawyer Handle

  • Passenger train vehicle accidents
  • Train accidents that involve pedestrians
  • Trail derailment accidents
  • Equipment malfunction accidents
  • Muliple train accdients

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Our firm operates on contingency fees, meaning we do not charge feels unless clients see some compensation for their case. Contact an Oklahoma train accident attorney at one of our four offices conveniently located.

For a free consultation, reach out to our compassionate Oklahoma train accident attorneys.

Train Accident FAQ

  • What causes most train accidents?
    For the most part, a train accident occurs in one of two ways: the train strikes a vehicle in its path or the train derails. Catastrophic derailments are rare, so most train accidents involve a vehicle being struck by a train at a crossing point. How those accidents happen will vary. It is not reasonable to blame every train accident on driver inattention. In many situations, crossing gate defects might have contributed to the accident, such as the gate not dropping, so drivers had no idea a train was approaching before attempting to cross.
  • Are there laws a train conductor must follow at a railroad crossing?
    Everyone needs to approach a railroad crossing with caution, including conductors at the front of trains. When nearing a crossing, the conductor should ensure that the train is traveling at the approved speed limits for the area, which can vary noticeably. They also need to be alert for any cars that are stuck on the rails and for any indication that the crossing gates are malfunctioning. Other train staff members should ensure that there are no passengers in prohibited areas that could interfere with the train’s operation, too.
  • Can railroad workers injured in a train accident sue, too?
    Train accident lawsuits are usually brought by motorists and passengers who were hurt in a crash, or who lost a loved one in an accident. However, railroad workers might have legal grounds to file a claim, too, but it depends on the different details of the situation. For example, many railroad workers have workers’ compensation coverage that allows them to get medical care and wage replacement benefits without the need for a lawsuit. In such a case, the railroad worker could only sue a third party, i.e., not their employer, for damages that have not been provided through workers’ comp. To understand your legal options after being hurt in a train accident as either a motorist, passenger, or railroad worker, we highly recommend calling our attorneys at .
  • Are train accidents always handled with class action lawsuits?
    A class action lawsuit is useful when dozens, hundreds, or thousands of plaintiffs have been harmed in a similar way or the same situation. Because train accidents often result in numerous people being injured, such as all of the passengers in a train that derails, many such cases are handled with a class action lawsuit. The possibility to pursue compensation after a train accident with an individual injury claim still remains, though. For example, someone who was driving when their car was hit by a train would have no need for a class action lawsuit when filing against the defendants.
  • How much time do you have to file a train accident lawsuit?
    The statute of limitations – or how much time you have to file a lawsuit before a court will dismiss anything filed from that point on – for a train accident lawsuit will depend on where you live and who is being named as a defendant. Each state has its own statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which is usually two years from the date of the accident. But if you need to name a federal agency like the Federal Railroad Administration as a liable party and defendant, then the statute of limitations could be much shorter. Typically, filing against a government entity drastically reduces the statute of limitations, sometimes down to just 90 days. It is crucial to seek the counsel of a train accident attorney as soon as possible for this reason and more.
  • What compensation can you get after a train accident?
    If you were injured in a train accident, then you can seek compensation that pays for your medical care, lost wages, pain, suffering, and property damage, like the replacement of your vehicle. The situation will be a bit different if you lost a loved one in a train accident, though. At that point, your case would be a wrongful death claim, which can include different damages. For example, many wrongful death claimants can pursue damages related to burial costs, wages the deceased would have earned in life had the accident never happened, and the loss of companionship and support the plaintiffs have endured.

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