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Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen In The Winter

When a person is riding a motorcycle, they are almost completely exposed to the outside elements. Unlike a car or truck, a motorcycle offers its riders little protection from poor weather conditions. Thus, during the cooler winter weather in Oklahoma, fewer motorcyclists take to the roads. Some riders, however, are undoubtedly undeterred by the elements, and want to get on their motorcycles regardless of the weather conditions.

Just as motorcycles cannot protect riders from the weather, they also offer little by way of protecting riders from injury. Other motor vehicles have seat belts, air bags and other expertly engineered safety features. Motorcycles, on the other hand, have almost none of these safety components, and cannot adequately protect a rider from even a relatively minor collision with an automobile.

Most riders probably understand the heightened risks of traveling on a motorcycle compared to riding in a car or truck. Accordingly, motorcyclists can become adept at observing the traffic around them and maneuvering around any foreseeable dangers. But, drivers in other vehicles may not be as alert and prepared to watch out for motorcyclists on the road.

At Martin Jean & Jackson, we know that all too many serious motorcycle accident injuries are a result of drivers who failed to see a motorcycle in their path. A driver's failure to yield to a motorcyclist might mean only minor damage to an automobile, but can have devastating effects on the motorcyclist.

Our firm has decades of experience in representing motorcyclists who have fallen victim to a negligent driver. Motorcyclists have as much right to be on the road as do other vehicles. It is no excuse for drivers in other vehicles to argue that they are not used to watching out for motorcycles. Everyone on Oklahoma's roadways has a responsibility to take reasonable precautions to keep others safe from injury. This is true regardless of what kind of vehicle a person is using.

We know the horrific injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident with another vehicle, and we fight on behalf of injured victims. Our website has helpful information about a variety of personal injury topics, including motorcycle accidents.

Although the winter months mean fewer motorcyclists on the roads, drivers in other vehicles should still be on the lookout for motorcyclists who may be willing to brave the colder temperatures.