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SUV Accident Victims Have Legal Recourse

Like many people all over the country, some in the Ponca City area drive sport utility vehicles because of the space and safety features these vehicles have to offer. Most car manufacturers also make SUVs nowadays, which means that there are countless different makes and models of SUVs, loaded all kinds of different options.

While many people are drawn to SUVs because of their safety features, even the safest vehicle is only as safe as its driver. Aside from trucks, many SUVs are among the largest vehicles on the road. This means that when an SUV is an accident with a smaller vehicle, like a sedan, it can cause horrific damage to the smaller vehicle as well as catastrophic injuries to its occupants.

Drivers in SUVs must respect the size and weight of the vehicle, and understand the dangers of an SUV accident with a smaller vehicle. In addition, some SUVs have been prone to rollovers and other safety mishaps. This is just another reason for drivers to operate their SUVs as safely as possible.

At Martin Jean & Jackson, we understand the extensive damage that can result from any kind of SUV accident. Our experienced attorneys are adept at handling accident cases and know how to collect and present evidence effectively to support a victim's claim.

Regardless of whether an accident victim was in an SUV or a car that was hit by an SUV, we know what steps to take to help them recover compensation. Nobody goes out in their vehicle expecting to get in an accident. Distracted or reckless drivers are everywhere, though, and if you or a loved one become victimized by a negligent driver, we can handle your legal claims.