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Have You Suffered A Personal Injury In An SUV Accident?

Sport utility vehicles, also known as SUVs, are popular vehicles for Oklahoma families and individuals across the nation. They offer the functionality of smaller vehicles while often coming with features that allow them to tow trailers and boats, drive off-road with four-wheel drive and mount sporting equipment to their tailgates and roofs. For as popular as SUVs are, however, they are often involved in dangerous vehicle accidents.

Like any other vehicle on an Oklahoma road, an SUV can be involved in a multivehicle accident. Like a car, truck or van, an SUV can be hit by a negligent or drunk driver, and the passengers inside of it may suffer serious injuries or death. An SUV may also suffer from design or manufacturing deficiencies that make it unsafe for passengers and that suggest accident liability on the part of the vehicles' makers.

Due to their designs, SUVs can sustain accidents that are not commonly seen in vehicles of other sizes and shapes. For example, SUVs can be top-heavy and for this reason they can roll over, side to top to side, and cause serious harm to those inside of them. An SUV rollover accident can be deadly and can be caused by a collision or a manufacturing problem.

Martin Jean & Jackson, Attorneys at Law, represent individuals who have been hurt in all types of SUV accidents. From standard collisions to design-related rollover incidents, our team of legal professionals can help you pursue a civil lawsuit that may, if successful, allow you to seek the financial compensation you need to overcome your accident-related personal injury.