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How Can A Rider Prevent A Fatigue-Related Motorcycle Accident?

People in Oklahoma who follow this blog are probably aware that fatigue is a major issue for truck drivers. Thus, federal regulations restrict the service hours for truckers, and require them to keep log books.

Like truck drivers, motorcyclists can also fall victim to fatigue while on the road. What are some steps a rider can take to prevent fatigue, or at least to decrease the chances that it will cause a motorcycle accident?

Proper rest is, of course, the simplest answer to preventing fatigue, but that isn't always easy to come by. When a long motorcycle trip involves an early departure time, for example, it may be difficult for the rider to get adequate sleep the night before. One way to avoid this is to be flexible about departure times. Basing the trip's starting time around a good night's sleep may be more beneficial than trying to keep to a strict schedule. Likewise, stopping for rest while on the journey is crucial. Regardless of whether a rider feels sleepy, their body will get tired and they need rest.

Physical preparation is also important to avoiding motorcycle fatigue on a long trip. Even if a person rides regularly, they may not be accustomed to the strain on their muscles caused by riding for extended periods of time. Again, sufficient rest breaks can help to ease this muscle and body fatigue. Furthermore, lengthy exposure to the wind and to the sun can make a rider tired. Thus, wearing sufficient riding gear is essential for a motorcyclist to protect themselves from the elements.

Despite taking precautions against fatigue, even the safest and best prepared rider may be unable to avoid falling victim to a negligent driver in another vehicle. No matter the cause of the accident, motorcycle accident injuries can be severe. But when an Oklahoma rider suffers injury due to the negligence of another person on the road, that other party will have legal liability to the injured rider.

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