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What Behaviors Can Make A Distracted Driver?

In a recent post we discussed a potential case of distracted driving leading to a fatal automobile crash in Oklahoma. Today's post will look at the actions and behaviors that constitute distracted driving so that readers may have a better understanding of how this hazardous practice may be avoided.

What is considered Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is not just one thing, but rather any practice that takes a driver's attention away from the road while he or she is operating a motor vehicle. One common form of distracted driving that leads to many car accidents is texting and driving. This practice involves a driver using a smart phone or other device to send or receive messages while behind the wheel of a car.

Driving while tired can also be considered distracted driving. If a driver is unable to keep his eyes open or fend off the other signs of exhaustion while he is behind the wheel then his condition may prevent him from safely driving his car.

Other people in a driver's car may become distractions if they take the driver's attention away from the road. Eating, changing the radio station, applying make-up, and performing other tasks can all also be considered distractions from a driver's primary responsibility of safely operating his car.

How can distracted driving be prevented?

Distracted driving can generally be avoided by making the task of driving one's priority while in the driver's seat. However, distracted driving car accidents do happen and when they do victims can suffer serious injuries and death. Victims of accidents caused by a negligent driver have the right to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Individuals who have questions about their rights after a distracted driving crash may choose to speak with a personal injury attorney in their community.