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Oklahoma Woman Pushes Legislature To Ban Texting And Driving

Most Oklahomans realize that driving a motor vehicle can be dangerous and requires concentration. Accordingly, common sense and experience teaches that any form of distracted driving is a bad idea. One form that has become more prevalent than others is texting and driving.

Many states have passed laws to make it illegal to text while driving, but Oklahoma has not yet gotten on board. However, state lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would ban texting and driving throughout the state. One local woman is pushing hard to ensure that the Oklahoma legislature follows through with making this bill into law.

The woman's life was turned upside down about five years ago when her 23-year-old son died in a car crash. He was texting on his phone while driving and lost control of his car. The young man died the next morning from the severe head injuries that he suffered in the crash.

His mom now travels to schools throughout Oklahoma to tell the story of how her son lost his life. She urges students that no text message is worth risking a life. The woman also hopes that legislators will move the pending bill into law, which should help to curb texting and driving.

A study by the member automotive group, AAA, shows that texting and driving causes thousands of deaths each year across the country. Although most people probably know better than to text and drive, some just cannot resist the temptation.

If Oklahoma does pass a law banning texting and driving, hopefully, more people will think better before engaging in such risky behavior. Anyone who suffers injuries in an auto accident due to another driver's negligent behavior, like texting and driving, has legal rights against that driver.

Source: KOTV, "Mom Urges Oklahoma Lawmakers To Act On Texting And Driving Bill," Erin Conrad, April 3, 2015