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Motorcycle Season Has Arrived In Oklahoma

Spring has finally arrived in Ponca City, which means that area residents can again begin to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. For motorcycle riders, this could mean taking their bike out of the garage or from winter storage for the first ride of the year.

Motorcycle riders, even more so than car drivers, have to always be thinking about safety when they are on their motorcycles. The beginning of the riding season is a good time to brush up on safe riding practices. For example, a helmet is an essential piece of safety gear. Although Oklahoma law only requires riders under the age of 18 to wear a helmet, all riders should wear them because helmets save lives. In addition, motorcyclists should remember that Oklahoma law prohibits lane splitting, which is passing other vehicles between two lanes of traffic that are moving in the same direction.

Always focusing on safety is an imperative part of riding a motorcycle. But, at Martin Jean & Jackson, we know that many motorcycle accident injuries are a result of drivers in other vehicles who act negligently. In some cases, drivers in cars and trucks simply fail to see the motorcyclist because they're more accustomed to watching out for vehicles that are larger than motorcycles. Other times, however, the driver of another vehicle may fail to properly judge the motorcycle's speed and make a turn directly in front of an oncoming rider.

Whatever the cause of an accident between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, the rider is the one who usually suffers the most catastrophic injuries. When an accident like this occurs because of another driver's negligence, our Oklahoma firm knows how to collect and prepare the evidence to assert the rider's legal rights.

Too many motorcycle accidents lead to permanent disability or even death to the rider. We can help victims and their families recover the appropriate damages for all of their injuries and losses.