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North Texas Motorcycle Crash Ends Lives Of 2 Oklahoma Residents

Motorcycle drivers are at a distinct disadvantage on the roads and highways in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders are not protected by a full body of metal. So when a motorcycle accident occurs, the results are often particularly devastating for those on the bike.

Two Oklahoma residents are no longer with us today after their motorcycle was hit by a vehicle that had veered into oncoming traffic in North Texas. The driver of a Toyota came across the center line and into the northbound lane, striking two different motorcycles. On the first motorcycle was a 53-year-old driver who was pronounced dead at the scene. A 33-year-old passenger died later at an area hospital.

The impact to the second motorcycle caused severe injuries to the driver and another passenger. The woman driving the Toyota had an adult passenger and a 6-year-old child in the car. All four were listed in stable condition at the time of the report.

Authorities are unsure as to why the driver of the Toyota went out of her lane so suddenly. Investigators will likely look at several factors. Was she intoxicated or under the influence of any prescription medication? Was she distracted or texting and driving at the time? Was she speeding? Did she fail to see the motorcycles entirely?

These are all questions an attorney would examine as well in the case of a lawsuit. If you’ve been injured in a case like this one, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden of medical expenses alone.

An Oklahoma attorney can conduct his or her own investigation into the crash and see if any of the above factors played a part in the accident. If negligence can be proven, he or she may be able to build a case for you and alleviate some of your financial worries.

Source: The Daily Ardmoreite, “2 Ardmore residents killed in Texas accident; 5 injured,” May 27, 2014