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Motorcyclist Serious Injured In Oklahoma By Intoxicated Driver

Unlike larger vehicles, motorcycles offer very little protection to their riders. There is no metal, safety glass, seat belts or airbags to protect a motorcyclist in case of an accident. Instead, motorcyclists in Oklahoma rely on helmets, basic protective gear and other motorists to keep them safe on the roadway. Motorcyclists have to hope that other drivers are paying attention to the road and will yield to the right of way of the motorcyclist.

Sadly, all too many drivers are not fully engaged in what they are doing. Many are distracted, or worse -- intoxicated. An intoxicated driver is doubly deadly since not only are they less likely to pay attention to the roadway, but they have a slower reaction time, which can make it impossible to prevent an accident -- even if they see it coming.

Recently the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has blamed an intoxicated driver for causing a motorcycle accident. In this case, a 26-year-old woman was supposedly driving on I-35 near Oklahoma City when she rear-ended a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist -- a 46-year-old man -- lost control over the bike following the collision. The motorcycle eventually veered to the right and struck a guardrail.

The driver also lost control over the car following the accident. The car swerved to the right before rolling twice. The car's 27-year-old passenger was ejected in the accident.

The motorcyclist was left in critical condition following the accident. Reports claim that he suffered from external and internal trunk injuries, neck injuries and head injuries as a result of the accident. The car's passenger was also injured.

Police claim the woman smelled of alcohol at the time of the accident and had been following too closely.

When a negligent party -- like an intoxicated driver -- causes a motorcycle accident, the motorcycle accident victim may be able to pursue legal damages. This includes compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and more caused by the accident. The injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be severe and costly, making appropriate compensation all the more necessary.

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