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Oklahoma Driving Laws Are Not Merely Advisory

Many people in the Ponca City area have either been in a motor vehicle accident or know someone who has. These accidents are common in Oklahoma and throughout the country, and news of them seems to be an almost daily occurrence.

All drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles in a way that does not unnecessarily endanger the safety of other people on the roadways. This is true no matter what type of vehicle the person is driving, whether it's a large vehicle like a big rig commercial truck, or a small one, like a motorcycle.

At Martin Jean & Jackson Attorneys at Law, we know that not all drivers comply with their safety responsibilities. Some drivers fail to adhere to all state and local driving laws. The speed limit, for example, seems to be only an advisory guideline for many drivers. Of course, speed limits are not meant to be advisory only. They are firm legal limits that lawmakers, engineers and other planners establish to allow for the safe flow of traffic based on the particular area where that speed limit applies.

When a driver fails to adhere to the speed limit or any other traffic law, they are endangering their own safety and the safety of everyone else on the road around them. Our Oklahoma law firm has substantial experience handling cases involving negligent drivers who have shirked their safe driving obligations.

In all too many cases, a person's poor decisions while driving can lead to an accident that causes severe or fatal injuries to other people. Our website provides some basic and important information on the legal options that are available to motor vehicle accident victims and their family members. If, for example, the accident does result in someone's death, their family may want to pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver and any other parties that may have been responsible for the accident.

Most fatal accidents involving automobiles can be prevented through driver safety. These accidents do happen, however, and we are committed to helping victims pursue compensation for medical expenses and all of the other damages that may be available.