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3 Reasons Why Truck Crashes Increase at the End of the Year

Fatal Truck Crashes Peak in Fall

Each year, the National Safety Council tracks trucking accidents across the country. Recent reports show that September through November see some of the highest rates annually, accounting for nearly 30% of all truck crashes.

To better understand what other motorists can do to reduce the probability of a crash, it's crucial to know the reasons why truck accidents increase during this time of year. Read on to learn more.

Harvest Season Deliveries

In most of the country, harvest season begins in mid-to-late September and ends in December. While the peak harvest will vary depending on the state, there is a correlation between these deliveries and truck accidents. Some of the most common reasons for this include:

  • More travel on rural roads: about 57% of accidents occur in these areas.
  • Time constraints: drivers are expected to make deliveries in a shorter time span.
  • Unsecured cargo: this accounts for over 33,000 accidents each year.

Weather Changes

Fall also comes with significant weather shifts across the country. When colder temperatures and fog are more widespread, they can cause roadway slickness, icy bridges, and low visibility, increasing the possibility of accidents. Along with this, some states with more irregular weather patterns (like Oklahoma) may get snow earlier in the year, leaving many motorists unprepared to handle the conditions.

Holiday Travel

Unsurprisingly, crashes increase when more people are on the roads, especially during the holiday season when drivers are often fatigued and stressed. When you have millions of drivers traveling for the holidays, a combination of dangerous factors can come about, including:

Remember, these things can affect truck drivers, too; so it's the responsibility of everyone on the road to aid in reducing the possibility of truck accidents and get everyone home safely.

Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorneys

No motorist expects to be involved in a truck collision, but thousands of people are injured or die in these each year. Know that you have the right to take legal action against a negligent truck driver or company for causing your injury in these crashes.

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