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What is a Truck’s Black Box and How Can It Help My Claim?

The Importance of Electronic Logging Device Data

Otherwise known as a "black box," a truck's electronic logging device (ELD) tracks and monitors data starting from when the truck is turned on. Per regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial drivers are required to keep this recorded data for a minimum of six months.

What Do These Track?

A truck's black box can record several different data points, many of which are automatically recorded, including:

  • Hours of service (HOS) and engine hours
  • Miles driven
  • Driver's identification information (ELDs can be synched or used via smartphone)
  • Vehicle identification information
  • Location
  • Date and time

Data related to vehicle performance (speed, braking, steering, fuel consumption, etc.) is not automatically recorded or even required to be collected. However, a driver or trucking company may enforce this.

How Can This Help My Claim?

In most cases, negligence must be proven for you to have a successful truck accident claim. While working with a skilled attorney can help you achieve this, having the right kind of evidence is crucial for your case. Since ELD records provide a detailed account of whether the driver has gone over their HOS regulations or is otherwise non-compliant with FMCSA safety rules, your attorney can use this to establish liability.

Should the driver have been working without taking mandatory breaks, intentionally extending their hours of service, or ignoring vehicle maintenance issues (which may also be tracked by the ELD), this could give you further grounds for negligence. Additionally, your attorney may uncover that drivers were being encouraged by their employing company to violate these regulations, which could also mean the employer can be held liable for the damages caused.

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