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Tips For All Motorists To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

Motorcycling is becoming more popular throughout the country, but this also means more motorcycle accidents. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data show that riders suffered about 2.3 million motorcycle accident injuries in 2013 alone. Now that the warmer summer temperatures are here, more motorcyclists are taking to the roads in the Ponca City area, and everywhere else. This means that safety is more important than ever.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Orthopaedic Trauma Association are two organizations that are keen to prevent motorcycle accidents and reducing the number of catastrophic injuries that result from such accidents. The two organizations have some tips for both riders and drivers of other vehicles to help avoid motorcycle accidents.

First, drivers in cars and trucks should always watch for motorcycles in the area. But because drivers in other vehicles may have a tough time seeing motorcycles, they should also try to listen for motorcycles nearby. Likewise, anytime a driver becomes distracted by anything, they should pull over until they can give all of their focus to driving. A distracted driver is always a danger to themselves and to everyone else on the road.

As for motorcyclists, the two organizations recommend that all new riders take a safety course and that even experienced riders should take a refresher class. Of course they also recommend that every rider wear a helmet; Oklahoma law requires helmet use for all riders under the age of 18. Moreover they advise riders to wear protective gear, like jackets and pants, that is made of highly visible material. Visible protective gear can help people in other vehicles see riders.

None of these tips for avoiding motorcycles accidents are complicated. However, drivers and riders can help to prevent accidents this summer and beyond by thinking about these simple tips and following this advice each time they take to the road.

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