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Trucks are vital to the national economy and to commerce in and around Oklahoma. Every day, trucks move throughout the Ponca City area to deliver and pick up all kinds of goods and materials. Likewise, many trucks travel on interstate highways and pass through Oklahoma while on their way to other parts of the country.

Just like cars and SUVs, commercial trucks sometimes have mechanical problems that can cause dangerous situations. And as with any other vehicle, even a perfectly functioning truck is only as safe as its driver. While commercial trucks and cars have some similarities, one of the most obvious differences between the two is that cars are a fraction of the size and weight of trucks.

At Martin Jean & Jackson, we have seen how the size and weight of commercial trucks can lead to to major safety concerns for other people on the roadways. Whether an accident is a tractor-trailer crash or involves a slightly smaller vehicle like a delivery truck, truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to those in smaller vehicles.

Our law firm's website has information about truck accidents and how we can help pursue compensation for victims. In some cases, the truck company may have improperly maintained the vehicle or encouraged their driver to violate regulations regarding hours of service. Our attorneys know how to expose these practices and show that the company should be legally responsible for the injured victim's medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

The attorneys at Martin Jean & Jackson have extensive experience in handling truck accident cases. People who have been injured in a truck accident, or their family members, can learn more about our firm and about truck accident law on our website.