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Distracted Driving May Have Been Cause Of Deadly Car Crash

Oklahoma drivers should always devote their full attention to the road because distracted driving leads to far too many accidents. A driver's complete concentration is especially crucial around areas that are undergoing road construction. Construction can involve detours in the road, as well as other unexpected traffic signs that may require drivers to take certain actions to avoid driving into the construction area.

A recent deadly car accident in the Tulsa area seems to have been caused by a driver who was not exercising appropriate caution in a construction zone. The accident, which occurred on Highway 169 near 76th Street North, resulted in the death of one person, and six other people ended up in a hospital with injuries.

According to police, construction caused a traffic backup on Highway 169, but one driver failed to notice the slowing traffic and crashed into two other cars. The deceased victim was a high school English teacher at a school just outside of Tulsa, in Owasso. The severity of the injuries of the other six people who went to the hospital was not immediately available.

Like so many tragic accidents, this one probably could have been avoided if the driver had noticed the slowing traffic. This illustrates why it so important for drivers to always be alert and prepared when driving in a construction zone.

Regardless of whether a person is travelling through a construction zone or any other area, failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of others on the road has legal consequences. A negligent driver may be responsible for any personal injury or wrongful death claims of accident victims.

Even when a person is driving a route that they have travelled many times, they should still always drive with their full attention on the road.

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