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Third-Party Liability for a Car Accident

Car accidents can result from the negligence of people other than the driver. In some cases, collisions are caused by factors outside of a driver’s recklessness: A mechanical defect, the influence of alcohol and drugs, road conditions, negligent hiring, and oversight are some common external causes of car accidents. These factors may be the fault of a third-party entity.

Vehicle Manufacturer Product Liability

If a car accident is caused by mechanical issues, the vehicle manufacturer could be liable for damages. To hold a manufacturer liable for an accident, a plaintiff must prove that the collision resulted from a defect and negligence in the design or production process. Entities that are responsible for regulating safe manufacturing could be liable for defects as well. In cases of repair and maintenance issues causing a collision, a mechanic could also be at fault.

Dram Shop Laws: Bar, Restaurant, and Liquor Store Liability

Businesses that provide alcohol could be liable for drunk driving accidents. Dram shop laws account for the role of negligent businesses in causing collisions. Although most states have dram shop laws, the terms of those laws vary.

In the state of Oklahoma, a business can only be held liable for collision damages if they provided alcohol to an intoxicated person. Oklahoma’s dram shop laws only apply to businesses such as bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. People who supply alcohol to a driver at a private party cannot be liable for damages in Oklahoma, although some other states do attribute fault to social hosts.

Liability for Inadequate Road Maintenance

The people responsible for maintaining roads could be liable in a car accident case if their failure to meet those responsibilities caused the collision. Car accidents that are caused by potholes, uneven roadways, or inadequate signage may be the fault of a municipality or road repair company.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident Liability

It is more common for third parties to be involved in cases of commercial motor vehicle accidents when compared to typical collision cases. People other than the driver — such as an employer or regulatory agency — are heavily involved in the cases of commercial vehicle accidents. They share a significant portion of liability in these cases because they are responsible for overseeing a driver’s operations. If a commercial driver is involved in a collision, it’s possible that it was the result of their company’s failure to provide proper training, equipment, and supervision, or a regulatory agency’s failure to conduct safety procedures correctly.

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