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Holiday Distractions and Car Accidents

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The Most Common Distractions During the Holidays

Bright lights and festive decor are already hitting the roadsides around Oklahoma, meaning the holiday season is finally in full swing. While these fun additions to any home or business bring much-needed joy and cheer, they can provide significant distractions to roadway users. Read on to learn more about why this may increase the risk of an accident.

Seasonal Decor

Oklahoma is home to dozens of holiday light displays that visitors travel from all over to see. These displays are such a spectacle that many can be seen from miles away on the interstate. Because of this, they can provide a significant distraction to drivers whose eyes are drawn to the bright colors and designs.

Additionally, it's not uncommon for families to take mini road trips around their city to look at the different lawn decorations. When drivers and passengers are busy looking at these, it can become much easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to go unnoticed.

Phones and Navigation Systems

Many families choose to travel during the holiday season, often to warmer states or another city to see their loved ones. When you have this influx of traffic made of drivers who are unfamiliar with an area, it can lead to complications. Some of the most common of these are that drivers are looking to their phones or navigation systems to get around the area or answering phone calls/messages from their loved ones about their estimated arrival time.

This has led to a 33% increase in active phone usage while driving during the 72-hour Christmas period.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Our team at Martin Jean & Jackson encourages all drivers to make their safety a priority this holiday season and remain attentive to the roadways when traveling. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance, and our team is here for you when the unexpected happens.

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