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Can Technology Reduce Risk Of Auto Accidents?

Technological innovations can have a great impact on just about every facet of people's daily lives. Ponca City residents enjoy the use of smartphones that can help them do everything from banking transfers to finding directions to the nearest coffee shop. Likewise, rapidly improving technology helps doctors and scientists to better treat and cure diseases and ailments. But was about preventing car crashes? How can technology help with that?

Not so long ago, car safety meant seat belts, an anti-lock brake system and maybe an airbag or two. Now, however, technology is transforming car safety, to the point where certain technological advances help drivers to avoid accidents altogether. For example, forward collision warning (FCW) is a safety feature on some cars. Cars with this feature have forward-looking sensors to detect any other vehicles that are ahead. If the FCW system detects that a car in front is getting too close and at too high of a speed, the system warns the driver.

Another interesting safety option on some cars is the lane departure warning (LDW) system. The LDW feature uses cameras to figure out the vehicle's position relative to the lane markers. If the vehicle gets too close to a lane line, the LDW system warns the driver that they are about to move into another lane and to steer back into their current lane.

One technological innovation that is becoming more common on many different vehicles is the rearview video system, also known as a backup camera. The backup camera is a system in the rear of the vehicle that is connected to a monitor in the car. It shows the driver what is in the immediate rear of the vehicle. This can help drivers not to hit any objects, other vehicles or people.

Although these safety options are not yet standard on all cars and trucks, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does recommend them along with other safety features that are standard. These safety features can help prevent car accidents, but the best defense is always an attentive and careful driver. Even the best technology in the world is no match for a distracted driver when it comes to preventing auto accidents.

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