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Our Firm Understands The Attraction And Danger Of SUVs

Sport utility vehicles, which most people call SUVs, are common in the Ponca City area. During the past 20 years or so, SUVs became more and more popular throughout the country. Versatility is likely one of the reasons that people started gravitating toward SUVs. Like vans, SUVs offer ample space to transport groups of passengers and their cargo. On the other hand, SUVs tend to be more stylish and esthetically pleasing than vans and trucks.

Another attractive point for SUVs is their safety features. SUVs are bigger and heavier than cars, which means that people in SUVs are usually better protected in multi-vehicle crashes than are people in cars. However, this size and weight can be a double-edged sword. When an accident involves an SUV and a car, the smaller size and weight of the car is no match for the SUV. Thus, people in the car are likely to suffer more severe injuries in such an accident.

The attorneys at Martin Jean & Jackson have decades of experience in handling cases involving motor vehicle crashes. We know that SUV accidents can involve catastrophic injuries. This is true regardless of whether the accident was an SUV rollover or an accident between an SUV and a smaller vehicle.

When an accident causes serious injuries, victims and their families need to maximize the amount of compensation that they receive from the party that caused the accident. The more severe an injury, the higher the victim's medical expenses and rehabilitation costs will be, and these costs can go on for years. Also, the accident victim may not be able to work like they did prior to the accident. This can means reduced earnings potential.

For those faced with such situations, the stress can sometimes be overwhelming. However, our firm understands that stress and are experienced with helping those who have been harmed in accidents move forward.